Fermentation Research Lead

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
TBD based upon experience level
Aug 28, 2017
Sep 27, 2017
Field of specialization
Agrochemical, Biological, Microbiological
Job Type
Full time

Fermentation Research Lead, Biopesticides


The fermentation research lead will develop and optimize fermentation and processes for novel biological pest and disease control products that are identified by screening our large microbe collection.  He or she will optimize process and growth parameters for a large diversity of microbes identified as having biopesticidal activity.  This scientist will develop upstream and downstream fermentation processes for economical production of these microbes at lab and pilot plant scale, and will assist with scale-up of production as needed for registration and field trials.   Statistical design of experiments, data collection and analysis, and coordination of teams of scientists in-house and with off-site collaborators/toll manufacturers will be required.


An advanced degree in fermentation microbiology, biochemical engineering or the equivalent is required. Work experience should include 5+ years at the PhD level, or 7+ years at the M.S. level, in a discovery research environment. Experience with interdisciplinary teams and with presenting complex data to diverse audiences is critical.

An intense focus on both productivity and research quality is essential.  Leadership, interpersonal and scientific communication skills, and a desire to achieve excellence in research are equally important.  Our unique non-hierarchical and self-managed working environment emphasizes team-work and the ability to focus on common goals.  We are looking for leaders with well-developed skills in the areas of service, initiative, and influence.

  • Service: You understand how ‘leadership as service’ models work in the real world, and have a track record of helping those around you succeed. You understand goals and can help those around you align with company priorities. You can help colleagues and teammates connect our long-term vision to our 3-year, 1-year, and immediate objectives.

  • Initiative: You have a consistent track record of success in identifying, developing, and executing new business or scientific ideas. You are internally motivated for success, and understand the pitfalls of inaction in an entrepreneurial environment. You have a well-developed and mature sense of risk versus reward in business and/or science.

  • Influence: You can thrive in complex environments, and have all the interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills to be a top performer in most situations. You understand the difference between disagreement and conflict, and you can help others find effective resolutions.

We believe that these are critical qualities even in traditional hierarchical organizations. Unlike most such organizations, at AgBiome you cannot hide in the inky shadows of the org chart and expect to be effective based on an arbitrary reporting structure (which we don’t have). We embrace these skills explicitly and work together to improve ourselves.   Flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of roles in a small but growing company (we currently have three subs under the AgBiome, LLC umbrella), a good sense of humor, and a wild enthusiasm for growing cool stuff in big tanks are also really necessary.