Rochester, New York
Competitive salary, consummerate with experience. Includes Benefits. Relocation available.
Dec 27, 2017
Feb 25, 2018
Field of specialization
Biochemical, Catalysts, Organometallic, Polymers
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

Novomer is seeking a polyurethane chemist to participate in technical efforts to develop a novel process to make polyols for polyurethane with Novomer’s proprietary technology.  The position will be responsible for advancing the process concepts and the generation of data necessary to support commercialization. The Scientist will provide synthetic and process development support to projects involving polyurethane formulations for different applications. The scientist will leverage his/her expertise to propose and synthesize new polyol products, solve technical problems, optimize processes and assist in analysis. He/she will work with R&D scientists, supervisors as well as product managers and engineers to advance company’s effort in expanding our Materials Science initiative in the area of polyol development.  

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

In the near term, the Scientist role will be to work with the project team to develop polyols for various different PU applications.  Responsibilities include:

Collaborate on projects to develop formulations for polyurethane flexible foam and other applications, and evaluate the PU products from the formulations using various analytic techniques.

Partner with external consultants, vendors, and other team members in developing the polyol development

Technical Qualifications & Skills  

  • Experience in developing formulation for polyurethane flexible foam.
  • Experience with polyether/polyester polyols.
  • Skills in analyzing polyurethane foam properties including foam dimensional stability
  • Design and synthesis of polyols.
  • Optimization of polyol structure and functionality
  • Excellent level of analytical and research skills. 
  • Strong understanding of chemical process hazards.
  • In depth knowledge of polyurethane structure-property relations, effects of polyol microstructure on thermal, mechanical and rheological properties and demonstrated capability to modify polyol structure to achieve polyurethane end performance.

Desired Education,  Work Experience, and Personal Attributes

  • BS, MS or PhD in Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, biochemistry, material science or related field Minimum of 2 years of industrial research experience Hands-on experience scaling up new chemical process technologies from bench top to commercial scale production. Detail-oriented, methodical and well-organized approach, while possessing a sense of urgency, and acting with the highest level of integrity at all times. Must possess the ability to be a team player who strives to develop and build positive and constructive working relationships, and demonstrates sound and mature judgment in interpersonal communications and work relationships across multiple functional teams