Senior Research Scientist: High-throughput Protein Engineering

Mt. Laurel, NJ or Paris, France
Commensurate with experience; competitive with senior scientist positions at top pharmaceutical comp
Jan 30, 2018
Mar 01, 2018
Senior Research Scientist
Field of specialization
Biotechnical, Pharmaceutical
Job Type
Full time

Title: Senior Research Scientist: High-throughput Protein Engineering

Locations: Mt. Laurel, NJ or Paris, France

Qualifications: PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or Chemical Engineering; with PhD or post-PhD experience focused on high-throughput protein engineering or other high-throughput genetic selection methods; some postdoctoral experience preferred

Background: PMC Advanced Technology, LLC (PMC-AT) is currently seeking several senior researchers in the area of high-throughput protein engineering to lead discovery efforts that constitute an important part of PMC Group’s pharmaceutical growth initiatives.

Responsibilities: Supervise a team working on the application of high-throughput protein engineering techniques, including modern methods of directed evolution, to systems including industrial enzymes, enzymes for DNA biotechnology, and peptide drugs. The methods include generation and screening of protein libraries using a variety of techniques. The methods for generation of protein libraries include the production of mutations at individual amino acid positions, production of random mutations, and production of combinatorial libraries of mutations in predefined regions of the protein. The methods for screening and selection include survival-based growth assay selection, microplate-based fluorescence screening, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, cell surface display, real-time PCR, and microemulsion droplet selection.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience; competitive with senior scientist positions at top pharmaceutical companies

About PMC Group: PMC Group is a global chemicals and pharmaceutical conglomerate headquartered near Philadelphia, with research and manufacturing facilities spanning across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Its annual revenue is close to $1 billion and the company is 100% owned by the Chakrabarti Family. Several of PMC Group’s subsidiaries were previously subsidiaries of leading global corporations, including BASF, AkzoNobel, Dow, ICI, Arkema, PPG Industries, ExxonMobil, and France’s SNPE. PMC Group’s pharmaceutical division – which spans locations in New Jersey; Paris, France; and Hyderabad, India -- is comprised of research, product/process development, regulatory approvals, pilot scale and full plant-scale production of drug intermediates and active pharma ingredients (APIs).

About PMC Advanced Technology (now 'Chakrabarti Advanced Technology'): PMC Advanced Technology (PMC-AT) is the technology development and basic research arm of PMC Group, Inc, and is comprised of Divisions of Fundamental and Applied Research. PMC’s Director of Research, Dr. Raj Chakrabarti (AB Harvard, PhD Princeton), is the founder of PMC-AT and was formerly Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University and then Carnegie Mellon University. PMC-AT’s research focuses on the application of systems engineering methods to molecular engineering problems ranging from high-throughput enzyme design to the control of quantum molecular dynamics. Senior research positions at PMC-AT include the opportunity to publish research results in peer-reviewed journals. Some of the journals our group has published in include The Journal of Chemical Physics, Physical Review, Biophysical Journal, PNAS, and Plos One. Intellectual property developed at PMC Advanced Technology is commercialized by PMC Group and its affiliates. Intellectual property previously developed by PMC-AT scientists has been licensed by companies including New England Biolabs, Celera Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, and Abbott.