NMR Scientist III

Rockville, Maryland
$80K to $85K
Feb 22, 2018
Mar 24, 2018
NMR Scientist III
Field of specialization
Nuclear / Radiochemical, Pharmaceutical
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

This is a hands-on bench position in USP’s EPE and NMR Laboratory, in the Global Reference Standards Division. In this role, the Scientist III delivers sustained contributions that result in innovative product and process technologies for USP. The Scientist III will contribute to the scientific expertise and work ethic of the laboratory through a broad range of technical knowledge. The Scientist III will be an integral member of the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) team and will assist in the execution of structural verification of reference materials by NMR methods.  A Scientist III has mastered many common NMR techniques with the laboratory and is able to contribute their own observations and input to difficult projects. The Scientist III may execute 90% - 100% of their work at the bench level.
Fixed Two Year Employment (with benefits).

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Provides hands-on NMR sample preparation, multinuclear as well as multidimensional NMR data acquisition and processing. Focuses on assessing data interpretation and analyzing the structures of small to large molecules in support of the USP catalogue.
• Helps to strengthen an in-house NMR lab consisting of solution state and solid state 600 MHz, 400 MHz, and 300 MHz spectrometers with associated computing and automation.
• Collaborates with other Senior Scientists in Laboratory, by providing support for the reference standards program by ensuring the successful completion of departmental projects on time with the highest quality.   
• Evaluates current and proposed USP reference standards using NMR methods including the preparation of detailed, professional reports prepared internally.
• Provides NMR analysis, specifically structure elucidation, verification, and confirmation services to internal customers.
• Use additional software’s for NMR analyses.
• Demonstrates strong skill and expertise in specific laboratory methods;
• Recommends improvements to methods and processes;
• Seeks out innovative ways to apply knowledge or skills to improve protocols and results;
• Actively engages overall project and ensures own work in aligned with overarching goals;
• Takes personal ownership of work assigned;
• Records experimental data, ensuring clear and accurate transcription of results and calculations;
• Routinely applies personal experience, academic training, and technical insights to solve complex problems with the laboratory;
• Executes all testing and analysis of data with excellence and minimal errors;
• Demonstrates a strong desire to continue learning and grow personal capability;

Basic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Chemical/Biophysical/Biomolecular NMR sciences with research/postdoctoral (0-3 years) experience on Peptides characterizations, sequencing, and or conformational Analysis using NMR spectroscopy.

Preferred Qualifications
Must have demonstrated success in utilizing NMR techniques for peptide analyses, including establishment of suitable conditions for recording spectra and optimizing spectral quality. Familiarity with Spin system identification, Sequence specific assignments, and structure calculations using NMR data. Experience working in the pharmaceutical industry strongly preferred. Working knowledge of methods and procedures, and expertise in calibrating and operating NMR equipment required.  Desired additional experience working with organic, natural products and biophysical characterization of small to large molecules by modern methods of NMR. Relevant experience in preparation of organic and biomolecular samples for NMR data collection, as well as data interpretation as applied to structural verification and confirmation. Exposure to solid state NMR techniques is a plus. Ability to maneuver and handle projects between two instrumental platforms is essential. Takes personal responsibility to ensure work is delivered on time and is the highest possible quality. Skill to anticipate, troubleshoot, and solve technical problems. Strong communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written.

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