Senior Scientist, Emergent Materials Systems

Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton
Apr 03, 2018
May 03, 2018
Field of specialization
Engineering, Materials, Organic, Polymers, Theoretical
Job Type
Full time

Description of Duties:


The senior scientist serves as the principal scientific authority and

independent researcher in the field of Emergent Materials Systems.

Responsible for planning, conducting, evaluating, and coordinating

theoretical and experimental studies in Emergent Materials Systems within

AFRL and with other DoD laboratories and agencies that increase the Air

Force capabilities relative to complex, multi-functional materials. These

multi-functional material systems are comprised of a designed composition

and structure that may span from the nano to macro scale. As in natural

systems, the resulting synergy within the design leads to emergent

properties - that is, performance characteristics not inherent to the

constituents, and are outside of existing composite and effective medium

theories.  The incumbent will conduct research and development activities in

the broad areas of Emergent Materials Systems concepts, including

meta-materials, nanotechnology, multi-modal model-driven characterization,

material informatics, and optimization theory to provide critical path

solutions to agile RF, electronic warfare, directed energy, man-machine

teaming, hypersonics, and low-cost attritable systems. The Senior Scientist

supports the Director and Chief Scientist in technical reviews and

assessment of programs and new study areas, and interacts with other Air

Force and government agencies in matters relating to these technology areas.

The AF and AFRL requires thought-leadership at the convergence of these

activities, someone who can speak technically across the landscape of

materials function (structural, photonic, electronic, thermal, magnetic) as

they span the myriad of application space (directed energy, hypersonics,

EO/IR/RF ISR, weapons, etc) across the technical directorates. The primary

objective is to advance the knowledge and integration of multi-functional

materials systems to meet the needs of the Air Force.  

This position reports to the AFRL/RX Director, SES, Tier 1.

The Senior Scientist directly influences a budget of approximately $5M

annually, and indirectly influences a budget of approximately $200M

annually.  This is a non-supervisory position; however, subject to control

by the Director, the incumbent of the position influences the efforts of

approximately 400 military and civilian personnel within AFRL/RX and

includes a diverse mix of professional scientists and engineers and

technical program managers. 


National recognition as evidenced by significant technical achievements and

contributions; participation on national/international level committees and

panels; high level honors and awards; and other equivalent recognition are

necessary.  Position requires experience in broad multidisciplinary areas of

relevant technologies, including a high order of awareness of national

research and development programs relating to USAF requirements; and an

understanding of the R&D relationships among all elements of the federal,

industrial, and academic community.  Must be capable of originality and

resourcefulness in order to assure that a progressive and aggressive

research program is pursued and that an operational philosophy to attain

these ends is clearly enunciated, adopted, and followed.  Must have the

ability to analyze and integrate extremely complex technological programs

and to continually motivate a diverse group of professional engineers and

scientists.  Must be capable of forming multi-disciplinary research teams

and integrate with academic center of excellence.

This position is an interdisciplinary professional position involving duties

and responsibilities closely related to more than one professional

occupation.  As a result, the nature of the work is such that persons with

education and experience in one of the two different professions (listed

below) may be considered equally well qualified to do the work.  To be

qualified, the incumbent must meet one of the education requirements for one

of the two occupational series listed below (Note:  Acceptable combinations

of education and experience are listed on the OMP website):


 (a)    General Engineering (0801) series requires:  A professional

engineering degree from an accredited institution is required.      

(b)    General Physical Science (1301) series requires:  A degree in

physical science, engineering, or mathematics degree that included 24

semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science.

A doctorate degree in a related professional or scientific field is highly


Security Clearance:  The incumbent must be able to obtain and maintain TOP

SECRET security clearance.


Application:  If you are interested in discussions around the position,

please feel free to contact Dr. Timothy Bunning,

or at  937-255-6825.  To gauge interest, please contact Dr. Bunning by April

13th if possible.