Analytical Chemistry Post-Doctorate Intern

San Diego, California
Standard industrial post-doc salary
Apr 04, 2018
May 04, 2018
Field of specialization
Analytical, Biochemical, Food
Job Type

Description -

This position is for an Analytical Chemistry Postdoctoral Researcher focusing on separation science (GC/MS, LC/MS, etc.), spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry using various analytical techniques and state-of-the-art instrumentations in San Diego Analytical Laboratories (SDAL). This position requires working with various R&D Engineers/Chemists and Analytical Scientists to develop and implement chemical and materials characterization methods and resolve technical issues using lean problem-solving methodology in support of new printing technologies and products development, including packaging inks, Textile, Latex inks, 3D printing powders and agents, LEP materials, Media, and Print Head etc.

Job responsibilities

  • Reveal characteristic features through sample preparation, including method development
  • Develop proficiency in using analytical instrumentations, including separation science (GC-MS, LC-MS, etc.), spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, etc.
  • Conduct analytical analysis of specified samples using the appropriate analytical instruments, collect and analyze the data using the scientific data analysis method, well document the results and work with partners resolving the technical challenges and issues
  • Communicate effectively with management, coworkers, partners, and suppliers
  • Ensure that all work carried out conforms with EHS requirements



  • Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry focusing on analytical techniques and instrumentations


  • No industrial laboratory experience is required, although working experience in an industrial or academic research environment is desired.
  • Demonstrated ability of strong analytical technical skills and fundamental understanding of analytical chemistry
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently to achieve desired results from general objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrated ability to document summary reports and presentations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in and around hazardous chemicals without any adverse health effects