Ampac Fine Chemicals

Aerojet Fine Chemicals manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Registered Intermediates -- all in our modern cGMP facilities. From kilogram to multi-ton scale, to your specifications or with your transferred process, Aerojet Fine Chemicals provides the solution. Aerojet Fine Chemicals is a wholly owned subsidiary of GenCorp, a technology-based manufacturer with leading positions in the aerospace, defense and real estate industries. The Aerojet Fine Chemicals complex is located on an expansive 12,680-acre security-controlled site 20 miles east of downtown Sacramento. Aerojet Fine Chemicals’ service model is the key in generating added value for its customers and is the foundation for continued success and growth. Providing a Quality Workplace for employees and customers is the foundation of our success. Operational Excellence is how we do our job, not in addition to our job. We are widely recognized as a high-quality fine chemicals manufacturer that operates in full compliance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Processes. All of Aerojet Fine Chemicals’ existing core products are FDA approved, on the market, and growing in sales. Over the past two years, Aerojet Fine Chemicals’ customers have also developed a strong pipeline of products that address treatment of diseases in anti-viral, cancer, and central nervous system therapeutic areas.

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