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48 Wadai

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About Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd

The origins of Hitachi Chemical can be found in research and development initiatives for electrical insulating varnishes that began in 1912.

The foundation of Hitachi Chemical's business is formed by its wide range of fundamental technologies, including material, process, and evaluation technologies. These technologies have been adapted from those used to create insulating varnishes, laminates, insulators, carbon brushes, and other products that can be considered the roots of Hitachi Chemical's operations.






1 job with Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd


    • Japan: Tsukuba, Hitachi, Chikusei, Matsudo, or Fukaya
    • JPY 6,500K/year (a bonus and a terminal allowance are included)
    • Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd

    Research of polymeric materials, inorganic materials, functional composites (e.g. insulating materials, heat dissipation materials) or nano materials.