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Cyclenium Pharma Inc.

7171 rue Frederick Banting

Cyclenium Pharma is a Montreal-based company focused on drug discovery and development using its unique proprietary small molecule macrocycle CMRT™ technology platform. With a strong track record in hit and lead generation against difficult disease targets and rapid optimization of lead compounds through solid phase parallel synthesis, Cyclenium plays a key role in advancing the field of drug discovery. By combining cutting-edge technology with groundbreaking structural designs, Cyclenium provides superb resources and expertise in support of the development of next generation therapeutic modalities in a broad range of demanding therapeutic targets.

As Cyclenium enters a new phase in its growth as part of the SpiroChem group of companies, we are seeking innovative, talented and committed scientists at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels with experience in organic, medicinal and analytical chemistry to join our expanding research team.

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