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Oxford College is a specialized division of Emory University that provides a transformative, liberal arts intensive program for the first two years of the Emory baccalaureate degree. Located 38 miles east of the Atlanta campus in the village of Oxford, Georgia, the fully residential Oxford campus enrolls 700 freshman and sophomore students. Oxford’s students are known for their curiosity, their interest in learning for learning’s sake, and their engagement in campus and community life. Faculty attracted to Oxford are particularly interested in realizing the possibilities inherent in the formative first two years of the undergraduate experience and having the opportunity of concentrating on educational goals characteristic of liberal arts education. Some make the learning process the object of their scholarship while others pursue more traditional forms of scholarship. Faculty teach nine contact hours per week in classes that average 19 students with maximum class size set at 33. The College provides support for ongoing faculty professional development, access to the resources of one of the world’s leading research universities, and has established promotion and tenure criteria that are consistent with its mission. (www.oxford.emory.edu)

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