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About Hope College

Our vibrant, research-rich, ACS-certified department is a flagship program and one of the largest in the College (of 3000-3200 full-time students on campus), graduating 40-55 majors/year, recognized nationally as a leader in undergraduate research and as a liberal arts college that changes students' lives. Undergraduate education through excellent classroom teaching coupled with authentic faculty scholarship with undergraduate student collaborators is a hallmark of our program. Our graduates go on to the top graduate and professional programs in the country, as well as directly to positions in industry and secondary education. Our faculty includes 14 research-active chemists with research interests spanning all the classical sub-disciplines of chemistry as well as environmental, nuclear, medicinal, theoretical, computational, biophysical, laser spectroscopy, polymer, nanomaterials, surface science, cancer biology, neuroscience, photochemistry, electrochemistry, chemical education, and more. Three members of the department have joint appointments (two in Biology and one in Geology & Environmental Science), and others regularly collaborate with Physics faculty as well. Excellent research facilities including dedicated individual labs as well as departmental laboratory spaces and a host of modern instrumentation are available for student and faculty use. Faculty member publish regularly in the peer-reviewed literature, hold key national leadership positions in chemistry and education, and are highly competitive for a variety of federal, local, and foundation funding. Two faculty currently hold NSF CAREER awards, several others hold NSF RUI grants, we have a long running NSF REU program and have received several recent NSF MRI instrumentation awards. Hope was recently ranked #1 for most Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Awards in the history of that program, and the Natural & Applied Science Division recently was awarded its fifth consecutive four-year million dollar HHMI award, among 11 select institutions identified as “Capstone” awardees, long-time recipients of HHMI funding that are “collectively among the best in the country at producing graduates who go on to science careers.”

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