Lab Manager - HDK

This position will report to the Plant Manager HDK.  This position will ensure proper management of the HDK lab for efficient quality control and analytical support for the plant and the process support units. This position will be responsible for refining analytical aspects of in-plant testing and recording results in a timely manner. It will also manage lab technicians to carry out routine analyses and none-routine lab experiments for trouble shooting. Since HDK is a new manufacturing process at CHA, the initial purpose is to assist in assembling a working lab and hire a fully staffed group of lab technicians.



  • Technical and disciplinary leadership of the HDK lab at Charleston, TN
  • Initial qualifying of the HDK lab.
  • Training and qualifying of chemical lab technicians
  • Responsible for the IMS conformity of the lab. Designing and follow up of sampling plans and SOPs
  • Initiating measures during quality drops or customer claims
  • Support of production, process support groups and engineering in respect to analytical methods and possible characterization methods for auxiliaries
  • Qualifying new lab for HDK operations.
  • Reporting line to HDK Global Quality Manager for ensuring global quality standards
  • Manage lab to meet all requirements from the Silicone Business Unit.
  • Interface with HDK operations to resolve quality issues

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of instrumental analytics, especially BET Testing, Titration Testing, Grindometer, Viscosity Testing, etc. ...
  • IT knowledge, especially data bases and standard software
  • Excellent communication skills for effective contributions in meetings, presentations, and reports
  • Team player, working with various functions and levels of the organization, being an organization talent with self-assertion.  In-depth knowledge of laboratory skills and notebook writing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of industry specific standards and testing equipment and methods
  • Intimate knowledge of safety processes
  • Safe working skills with hazardous chemicals
  • Effectively influences development of peers within technical community
  • Knowledgeable of the chemistry and technology associated with the production of HDK preferred

Experience and Education:

  • 5+ years of experience, chemical field preferred
  • 3+ years of supervisory experience
  • Bachelor of Science, PHD preferred in chemistry


Work Environment and Physical Demands:

  • Manufacturing facility with energized machinery, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment
  • Due to schedule and milestone requirements (e.g. commissioning, start up and/or shut down), non-standard work schedule such as weekends and/or holidays will be required
  • Laboratory and data analysis area
  • PPE: chemical resistant lab shoes, safety goggles, gloves, lab coat
  • Primarily works in a laboratory environment with potential and unintentional contact with some hazardous chemicals
  • Requires openly handling hazardous chemicals
  • Must wear Personal Protective Equipment
  • Bends, crawls, crouches, lifts up to 50 lbs., reaches with hands and arms, stoops, kneels, and climbs up to 100 feet
  • Performs routine repetitive tasks with hands and stands for longer periods of time