Environmental Health Toxicologist/Health Assessor

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is recruiting for a Toxicologist/Health Assessor. The position is housed within the Bureau of Community and Environmental Health, Division of Public Health.

This position will identify pathways of exposure to hazardous substances at hazardous waste sites and identify, implement, and coordinate public health interventions to reduce exposures to hazardous substances which occur at levels of health concern. This successful candidate will provide expertise in toxicological investigations and public health assessments associated with exposures to toxic substances.

This position requires a completed bachelor's degree in toxicology, environmental health, public health, risk assessment, environmental epidemiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, or a closely related field; a related master's or Ph.D. degree is preferred. Experience should include working with groups or individuals to communicate health risks; developing public education materials, including press releases and public health advisories; a demonstrated ability to work with communities; and familiarity with the ATSDR public health assessment process.

This position requires some in-state and out-of-state travel to facilitate local/statewide meetings and trainings and conduct site reviews.


  • Designs and conducts public health assessments and health consultations, including toxicological investigations and related activities on health impacts of exposure to toxic substances in the environment or workplace
  • Reviews and interprets data to determine the nature and magnitude of public health risk
  • Presents findings of public health assessments and health consultations to communities and agencies
  • Assists in development of site-related health education materials for communities
  • Collaborates with communities and other entities to identify needs for public health assessments and health consultations, and identifies interventions to prevent or reduce public health risks
  • Provides expert consultation on pathways of toxic exposure to humans and health effects associated with exposures to contaminants
  • Provides liaison with other state, federal, and local environmental health professionals
  • Provides toxicological expertise to the Idaho Fish Consumption Advisory Project
  • Participates in public health work groups
  • Administers health assessment components of projects
  • Assesses the need for program activities and services
  • Identifies resources and seeks program funding through grant applications

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Considerable knowledge of toxicological, epidemiological, and environmental health principles and practices.
  • Experience: conducting public health assessments and investigations, including toxicological investigations; writing public health assessment reports and related technical documents; communicating environmental health risks to impacted populations and individuals.

Apply online by 3-27-17: