Principal Scientist - Health Effects and Exposure Assessment

POSITION:   Principal Scientist – Health Effects and Exposure Assessment

Reports to:      NCASI Vice President

Work Week:    Full time, Exempt position

Revised:          November 18, 2016

Job Location:  NCASI Locations in the US



The Principal Scientist in Health Effects (HE) and Exposure Assessment (EA) will provide strategic and technical direction to NCASI, NCASI member companies (forest products and allied industries), and related trade associations. Primary responsibilities will include the following:

  • Track emerging health effects, epidemiology, and exposure assessment studies for substances relevant to the forest products industry, including fine particulate matter, ozone, metals, and other substances regulated in air, water, and soils.
  • Review and critique the merits of peer-reviewed and other epidemiology studies used as justification for regulatory decisions on air and water quality standards and remediation.
  • Develop, through collaborations with academics, consultants, and thought leaders in the field, critiques and recommendations on risk-based toxicity criteria including aspects related to exposure assessments.
  • Prepare high quality technical reports, journal articles, white papers, and other written communications that explain technical findings and conclusions to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Collaborate with, and provide technical leadership to, multi-stakeholder groups of technical experts, HE and EA professionals, and trade association leaders.
  • Identify evolving research and data needs to address emerging HE and EA issues and participate in the design of studies intended to fill information gaps.
  • Provide technical oversight and manage external consultants as needed in carrying out broad-based technical analyses of HE and EA data.



  1. PhD in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, or Toxicology with focus on the development of criteria for environmental and human health protection.
  2. At least five years of experience studying potential health effects of substances regulated in air, water, and soils.
  3. At least three years of experience reviewing and evaluating peer-reviewed epidemiology and/or toxicology studies used as the justification for regulatory decisions.
  4. Demonstrated ability to follow and articulate alternate lines of evidence when traditional epidemiology, EA, and Mode of Action studies provide inconsistent conclusions.
  5. Strong publication record.
  6. Proven track record of working with inter-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder teams on technical projects.
  7. Strong statistics and data analysis skills.
  8. Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  9. Valid driver’s license and driving record insurable at standard rates.



  1. Five or more years of professional experience working on HE, EA, and risk assessment issues relevant to the forest products industry.
  2. Demonstrated experience evaluating data on toxicity tests, dose-response relationships, exposure assessments, and modes and mechanisms of action in cancer and non-cancer risk assessments.
  3. Experience in biostatistics and modeling, including the development or refinement of statistical techniques to account for confounders and establish causality.



Applicants are requested to provide a résumé and cover letter to Mr. Paul Wiegand at Résumé review will begin May 24, 2017. Position open until filled or July 15, 2017.