Associate Director Position of “Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Seoul (KR)
US$ 1,000,000/year budget, US $130,000/year salary
Oct 25, 2017
Dec 13, 2017
Principal Investigator
Field of specialization
Biochemical, Biotechnical, Physical
Job Type
Full time

IBS invites applicants for the position of Associate Director who is a senior-level researcher with high research potential, and is able to run his or her own research group in collaboration with the director within the IBS Research Center.

1. Introduction of the research center

 - IBS Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics (CMSD), located in the Seoul campus of Korea University, emphasizes developments of novel time- and space-resolved spectroscopy techniques and their applications to chemically reactive and biologically important systems. CMSD uses ultrashort duration pulses of light to generate stroboscopic movies of the molecular motions that lead to the chemical, biological, and physical transformations of condensed matter. We use a broad range of radiation sources to measure the dynamics of electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom in a wide range of systems, perform quantum chemical and molecular mechanical computations of dynamic systems in condensed phases, and develop novel linear and nonlinear optical imaging and microscopy technologies to monitor time-evolution of chemically and biologically reactive systems in real time. 


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2. Job description

 - Associate directors will serve important roles in assisting the founding director to achieve the goals of the IBS-CMSD as well as directing his or her own research group within the center. The specific fields of research solicited for associate directors are (i) time- and/or space-resolved laser spectroscopy and (ii) optical imaging.


 - Applicants should have strong records of (i) scholarly achievement at the national and international level, (ii) external funding for interdisciplinary-based research, and (iii) evidence of leadership ability in his/her research field.


 - The candidates are expected to have experience managing a large research program in an academic institution (or equivalent agency or institute aiming at state-of-the-art researches) and be able to articulate a strong vision to further the research and outreach programs in IBS-CMSD.




3. Requirements for the position




- All candidates must be able to commit themselves completely in the long-term to IBS research activities.


- All candidates must be able to manage their respective research groups.

- The candidate should have a Ph.D. in chemistry, physics, materials science, or related fields.

- The candidate should be recognized as one of leaders in the international community of his or her research field.


- The candidate of associate director must be fluent enough with the relevant scientific and policy issues to be a highly credible representative of the Center among audiences ranging from the general public to the uppermost levels of scientists and policymakers. The position calls for vision, breadth, and good judgment; proven intellectual leadership skills; a keen sense of public policy, as well as demonstrated financial and staff management experience.


- The candidates must have the ability to work independently while integrating themselves effectively into a teamwork environment. Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, both oral and written, are therefore essential.


4. Offer

- Authority to run his/her own research team


- Sizable independent research budget


- Tenured or permanent position in Korea University




5. General Selection Procedure

①Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement


②Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation


③Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel


④Decision by the SEC(Selection & Evaluation Committee) about recommendation


⑤Negotiation with director


⑥Appointment by the president


* The associate director should be jointly affiliated with one of the departments in Korea University. At the time of in-depth evaluation at IBS, a parallel review process will take place at the department in Korea University where the candidates will potentially be affiliated. Candidates can discuss with the director of IBS-CMSD for the choice of the department.

6. Application Submission

- Please fill out the ‘Application Form’ in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than December 13th. (6 weeks after announcement).


- E-mail title should include ‘Name of Applicant’ and ‘Name of the Research Center’

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