Composite Materials Development Specialist

Dhahran, Saudi Arabua
Apr 17, 2018
May 17, 2018
Field of specialization
Job Type
Full time

Position Description:
We are seeking a Composite Materials Development Specialist to join the Oil & Gas Network Integrity Division of our Research and Development Center.

The Oil & Gas Network Integrity Division (OGNI) is responsible for providing innovative solutions to enhance the reliability and improve the performance of the Company’s operating assets. In this ambit, particular focus is placed on the expansion of the operating envelope of composite and nonmetallic materials in order to reduce costs associated with corrosion and to capitalize on the expansion along the hydrocarbon value chain. For this reason, the OGNI Division is seeking an experienced material development specialist to develop a new generation of composite materials for oil and gas applications and beyond.

You will possess a strong technical competency to identify current industry challenges in the areas of nonmetallic and composite materials, propose new research projects to tackle these challenges, and develop new synthetic methods and fabrication procedures for novel materials or materials with enhanced performance. You will work as part of a team to perform characterization and testing of new materials to evaluate and validate new technologies aimed at the optimization of the performance of oil and gas operations.

You will also be responsible for the development of business plans, the financial analysis of new proposed technologies, and new business trends. You must be aware of the economic implication of any scientific and technical aspect of the projects.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate, you will hold a Ph.D. degree in materials science or chemistry from a recognized and approved program.

You will have at least fifteen years of industrial or academic experience in the energy sector including at least five years of experience working on composite materials.

You must have a record of publications on recognized international peer-reviewed journals and experience in material fabrication synthesis and characterization and in business planning, financial analysis, and techno-economic evaluations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Propose new research programs and develop research strategies to expand the operating envelope of nonmetallic and composite materials in pipeline applications.

Identify new trends for the application of nonmetallic material within and beyond the oil and gas industry and establish and manage collaborations with other units, departments, and external partners to accelerate the achievement of goals and maximize the impact of the projects.

Develop, perform, and lead the synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of novel composite or nonmetallic materials.

Perform literature surveys and technology landscaping in support of current and future research activities.