Senior Research Scientist (Terminal Ballistics)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
$126,148 to $189,600 per year plus benefits
May 09, 2018
Jun 08, 2018
USAJOBS VA Number is DA-18-HR-AMC-10191150
Field of specialization
Job Type
Full time

The incumbent is a leading expert in the field of materials science who actively performs and directs team research efforts and manages external programs in materials science and engineering, and with particular emphasis on synthesis, processing, multi-functionality, and behavior in extreme environments. Incumbent identifies new areas for research and development and performs/manages research programs of the highest caliber which result in the development of new theories, and may also result in modifications of current theory and/or technological capabilities. Incumbent interprets the impact of materials technology on broad Army requirements. Incumbent may also lead extramural research programs in these areas. Incumbent's research is aimed at long-term applications of advanced and multi-functional materials in future Army systems. As an internationally and nationally recognized authority on materials, incumbent conceives of and proposes basic and applied research efforts at the forefront of materials, which are dynamic, vital and subject to rapid and precipitous changes due to major advances in science and technology. The approach includes fundamental research on materials processing, assessment and characterization, and multi-functionality. The research offers opportunities for transferring materials developments from ARL to RDECs and the organic and in-organic Army industrial base, where they can be exploited and produced as components for Army systems. Problems are of such importance and extraordinary difficulty that they have been long recognized as intractable even though they have been addressed by competent scientists and engineers. Successes in these areas of interest are expected to result in the development of new hypothesis, concepts and techniques which in sum will result in new theory, major modification of current theory and/or a new level of scientific and technological capability with significant military implications. Interpretation of results is often perplexing and the formulation of future lines of investigation difficult.