Cambridge, Massachusetts
Compensation packages are competitive and commensurate with experience.
May 23, 2018
Jul 22, 2018
Field of specialization
Analytical, Energy, Inorganic, Organic, Organometallic, Physical
Job Type
Full time

Lockheed Martin Energy Storage is commercializing a new flow battery technology for low-cost, grid-scale energy storage to support renewable energy integration and grid modernization. The flow battery is based on a novel battery chemistry comprising aqueous metal-ligand coordination compounds. We are seeking a Research Scientist to assist in the testing, development, and commercialization of novel flow battery materials and cell architectures to improve battery performance and durability. The successful candidate will bring deep technical understanding of electrochemical phenomena, materials science, and experience in developing battery and/or fuel cell technology. Experience in optimizing battery electrolytes and electrodes to improve durability and performance is highly desired. The individual must be flexible, able to adapt to a fast-paced, dynamic work environment, and able to work independently and as part of a team. Experience in effectively directing junior team members is expected. A doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, or chemical engineering is required with industry experience (5+ years) preferred.