Senior Scientist - Hops

Kalsec Inc.
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Commensurate with experience
Jul 11, 2018
Aug 10, 2018
Field of specialization
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

Job Summary: to lead the creation of intellectual property for Kalsec, Inc. using ideas, concepts, and by conducting research directed at strategically important targets.

Essential Job Functions:

1.    Serve as an independent investigator, planning, designing and conducting experiments and associated research activities directed toward identified, strategic business opportunities.  
2.    Careful recording of experimental observations in a laboratory notebook kept in a sufficient manner to protect Kalsec’s intellectual property rights. 
3.    Preparation of detailed reports, with minimal supervisor review, that describe research efforts, and when appropriate, presentation of research results to scientific conferences, customers, Kalsec staff and/or other groups. 
4.    Be aware of the company’s Q.A. policy and objectives, strictly observing these policy provisions in the fulfillment of this job.

Specific Job Functions:

1.    Use sensory and analytical expertise to assess novel hop oil fractions to determine their value as potential beer flavors. 
2.    Develop processes to insure continuous hop oil product quality and reproducibility.
3.    Create new hop products suitable for major and craft brewers.
4.    Troubleshoot plant issues and customer problems.  Actively lead teams or projects to resolve issues.
5.    Assist Kalsec in the adoption of novel hop processing technology.
6.    Act as an interface between product development and production, transitioning procedures and processes to full commercialization.
7.    Work with the analytical lab to characterize hop oil fractions. Process and report results.
8.    Develop novel natural processes to replace current hop oil conversion processes.
9.    Develop effective quality / sampling plans for hop products.
10.    Collaborate with other companies and external research institutes, as directed, to further Kalsec’s hop knowledge.
11.    Optimize existing hop oil processes.
12.    Serve on Kalsec’s beer sensory panel, if you meet performance standards.
13.    Collaborate with brewing intern on pilot scale brewing trials to support new product development and applications.
14.    Support development of new hop oil formulations and collaborate with Hops/Brewing Application Scientist

    M.S. or equivalent experience.  
    Hops or brewing experience

    Sensory experience
    Engineering experience

Equipment Operation:  
    Computer-controlled scientific instrumentation.
    Operate lab safety equipment such as fume hoods for proper handling of potentially hazardous materials.
    Operate precision measurement tools such as analytical balances and pipets.
    Operate rotary evaporators, lab centrifuges, motorized mortar and pestle and other grinders.
    Operate pilot plant and production scale equipment as needed (extractor, large scale rotary evaporator, pilot/large scale centrifuge, pilot/plant scale still, decantors, attritor mills, pebble mills, extruders, etc.)
    Assist in the operation of the pilot brewery