Analytical Scientist - UHPLC-MSMS

Atlanta, Georgia
competitive salary range with possibility for bonus
Sep 25, 2018
Oct 25, 2018
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Full time

Qualified candidates are expected to have knowledge and relevant experience (Ph.D. and 2+ years of experience) in separation sciences related to UHPLC-MS/MS.  Candidates with extensive hands-on experience using various modes of analytical chromatographic technologies (HPLC and others) for the application of routine testing, such as vitamins, carbohydrate, colorants, trace level analytes, are preferred. This position is an individual hands-on instrumentation role inside the lab. 

Experiences in methods development, validation, and applications; skills in sample preparation, separation, characterizations, and quantitation of water-soluble large molecules (proteins, peptides, oligosaccharides, natural colors, emulsions, etc.) in various levels and matrices; and experiences in qualitative and quantitative analyses of natural and artificial sweeteners, vitamins, nutrients, natural products, and trace components are strongly desirable. Ability in acquiring new knowledge and skills and building capabilities in other areas of analytical chemistry and flavor chemistry are also a plus.

Successful candidate will have desire and abilities to collaborate, lead, and communicate with analytical team members and project leaders across functions.  This position is an individual hands-on instrumentation role inside the lab.

Abilities in using LC/MS and other HPLC detectors for characterizations of unknowns and problem solving/diagnostic will be a plus.

U.S citizen or permanent residency required.