Exciting Postdoctoral Opportunity Developing Biology-Inspired Electrochemical Sensors

Baltimore, MD
NIH-set stipends, commensurate with experience + benefits
Nov 01, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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Full time

The Netz Lab is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to lead the development of top-notch electrochemical sensors for the real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical agents in vivo. For more information please visit: https://www.netzarroyo.org

This position is ideal for a highly independent researcher and primarily involves the design, fabrication, in vitro calibration and in vivo deployment of micro- and nano-fabricated biosensors. The main two goals of the fabrication aspect of the research are: 1) the exploration of creative designs that minimize the detrimental effects of foreign-body response on the performance of sensors; and 2) the improvement of signal-to-noise ratios in vivo. The biosensing goal is multifold, including, but not limited to, optimizing biomolecular receptors for selective detection of analytes, studying electrochemical signal transduction mechanisms, understanding biologically-induced fouling and applying this knowledge to the measurement of drug pharmacokinetics in live animals. Specifically, the ideal candidate should have:


  • A Ph.D. in chemistry, physics, material sciences, engineering or related fields

  • proficiency in micro- and nano-fabrication


  • a good understanding of fundamental electrochemistry and electroanalytical methods

  • experience working with RNA, DNA, proteins and/or other biomolecules

  • programming skills (Python, Matlab or other)

Expected start date: June 2019 or earlier
Starting salary: NIH-set stipends, commensurate with experience + benefits

Application process:

Applicants should submit an application package that includes a cover letter, CV (including contact information for three references) and three relevant publications, all contained within a single PDF file, to Netz Arroyo through the link: http://www.netzarroyo.org/contact/

Please include in the contact form your preferred name and your current email. The subject line should read: “Last name, First name – Postdoctoral Application”. In the message box, please describe your previous appointments and education in the following format:

Previous professional appointments:
None or Postdoc with Prof. X at University of X
Ph. D. in X discipline from University of X – Advisor: Prof. X B.S. in X discipline from University of X

Application review will begin immediately and continue until 01/03/2019.

Netz Arroyo. PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences Johns Hopkins School of Medicine