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Rockville, Maryland
Feb 19, 2019
Mar 21, 2019
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The NIH Chemical Genomic Center (NCGC) is looking for a Medicinal Chemistry Research Scientist for our Rockville, Maryland location with expertise in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. NGGC is one of the branches of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). NCGC brings together research groups including assay biology & high-throughput screening, informatics, and medicinal chemistry, to tackle a range of translational science challenges. Research goals for our scientists include the creation of assay and discovery technologies, the development of new chemical probes against understudied targets to validate new therapeutic approaches to cure or ameliorate diseases, and identifying opportunities for drug repurposing; with the goal of enabling the wider translational science community.

The candidate will be working in a highly creative medicinal chemistry environment synthesizing and optimizing potential probe molecules against a variety of targets and phenotypes. The role will require an ability to design, synthesize, purify, identify, characterize and analyze (NMR, IR, MS) compounds. The ideal candidate should be independent and well-trained in the field of medicinal chemistry, and will be responsible for conducting research, able to advance their research programs in coordination with the team leader. Understanding and previous experience in SAR studies and pharmacokinetic optimization/ evaluation is highly desirable. The candidate will keep accurate and complete records of all scientific experiments according to established procedures, and ensure that these records and raw data are properly retained. Draft technical reports, manuscripts and patent applications and maintaining  experimental data together with the use of statistical packages and standard databases is expected. The candidate will present research progress internally and to external collaborators. The candidate will need to work in a cross-disciplinary team environment, requires strong communication skills, and work in a respectful, thoughtful , and diverse workplace environment.


Position requires a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry with one to ten years of experience in medicinal chemistry (academic, government, or industry). Exceptional candidates completing post-doctoral training will be considered. Master’s degree candidates with extensive experience in industry are also encouraged to apply. Experience in hit-to-lead or lead optimization is highly desirable. The candidate should be an independent thinker and team player able to work in a very interactive high pace environment, well trained in methods and concepts of medicinal chemistry.  Experience is required in proposing and reducing to practice multi-step syntheses as well as experience in standard spectroscopic and purification methods, including NMR (routine pulse techniques for structure determination), and standard automated liquid chromatography and HPLC methods.

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