Associate Professor of Chemistry

Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University
Roskilde, Denmark
Mar 12, 2019
Apr 10, 2019
Field of specialization
Biochemical, Physical
Job Type
Full time

Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University, invites applications for a position as associate professor of chemistry in physical or biophysical chemistry from July 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.    

Department of Science and Environment is one of four departments at Roskilde University. The Department conducts basic and applied research within chemistry, physics, medical biology, molecular biology, environmental sciences and mathematics. Bachelor and Master programs are offered within these areas.    

The associate professor’s duties will comprise research at a high international level and a strong commitment and contribution to teaching in the chemistry study program. The position is open to applicants with research expertise in physical or biophysical chemistry and the new associate professor will establish a research group working in areas related to the chemistry of biological systems or catalysis. The department is particularly interested in research themes that will complement ongoing activities in the chemistry group and/or establish strong collaborations with the department’s other research programs, especially in molecular, medical and environmental biology. Details about these programs may be found on the University homepage. Some prioritized research themes of the chemistry group include the construction and characterization of natural product, enzyme/peptide, bioactive compounds and biomacromolecules, enzymatic and chemical catalysis, energy generation and storage, sustainable organic synthesis reaction pathways, drug stability and delivery systems, and monitoring xenobiotica.    

The department’s chemistry and biology laboratories are situated in a new building equipped with modern infra-structure and state-of-the art instrumentation. This includes recently acquired NMR, mass spectrometry (LC- and GC-MS, including high resolution measurements), and microscopy instruments, together with calorimetry (ITC and DSC), chromatography (HPLC), and scattering instruments (DLS, SAXS).    

Roskilde University has a strategic focus on student recruitment, industrial collaboration and interdisciplinary science, and the associate professor must be willing to support this strategy and be motivated to develop new collaboration platforms. The associate professor will teach in an interdisciplinary environment and engage in problem-oriented project work with extensive student involvement and responsibility. The applicant must show a strong commitment to research-based teaching and be able to teach subjects central to the chemistry curriculum, especially molecular and macroscopic physical chemistry.    

The Department of Science and Environment has a strategic aim to increase external collaboration with private and public companies and we therefore invite candidates both with a university record of accomplishment and/or an industrial research background to apply for the position.    

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Responsibilities and tasks  
The assistant professor’s work will primarily include research (including publication/academic dissemination work) and research-based teaching with associated examination obligations). In addition to research and research-based teaching, the position also requires share of knowledge with the rest of society – including participation in public debate. Furthermore, the associate professor is expected to manage research, provide guidance and supervision of assistant professors and researchers as well as take part in academic assessments.    

The ideal candidate is expected to  

  • attract external funding,  
  • lead a research group,  
  • develop the chemistry curriculum,  
  • support and participate in the supervision of students at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level,  
  • strengthen and/or establish a strong research network in Denmark, as well as internationally.
  • collaborate with molecular, medical and environmental biologists      

Applicants must hold a PhD degree or equivalent within chemistry. Qualifications within physical or biophysical chemistry are required, including documented scientific qualifications such as an assistant professor equivalent in physical or biophysical chemistry. In addition, applicants should have:  

  • experience with primary supervision of PhD and other research students,  
  • experience with education in relation to projects and multidisciplinary work,  
  • experience with education in relation to course, lecture and practical laboratory experiment development and delivery.  

  The ideal candidate shall be enterprising and possess good communication skills and is expected to be a visible, involved participant in the department’s daily activities, in addition to being willing to engage in disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration across the department.    

In the assessment of the candidates, consideration will be given to;  

  • research topics in physical and biophysical chemistry,  
  • scientific production and research prospective at an international level,  
  • the ability to promote and utilize research results, together with the ability to attract external funding  
  • experience in teaching physical chemistry and education development and management,  
  • basis academic experience, preferably including international academic experience, e.g. from reviewing or editing academic papers and/or from organizing research conferences or seminars,  
  • ability to contribute to development of the department’s internal and external cooperation,  
  • experience in the management and supervision of PhD and other research students.  

For further information about the position, please contact Head of Department Susanne Sørensen on tel.  (+45) 4674 2111 or email: and/or Head of the Chemistry Group Søren Hvidt on tel. +45 4674 2477 or  e-mail:    

Terms of employment  
The employment is full time and you will refer to Head of Department Susanne Sørensen.    

The position will be filled according to the Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) and Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities.    

Application procedure 
After the deadline for applications the Head of Department will shortlist applicants for assessment with assistance from the recruitment committee including the chairperson of the assessment committee. Shortly after the application deadline all applicants will be notified whether or not their application has been selected for assessment.

The shortlisted applicants will be informed about the composition of the assessment committee, and each applicant will be given the opportunity to comment on the composition of the committee and - later on - their assessment.

Once the recruitment process is completed, all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.

To apply for the position go to   

Only applications in English are accepted.   

Applications must include: 

  1. Cover letter 
  2. CV 
  3. Documentation of education 
  4. Teaching portfolio (read more about teaching portfolio at Roskilde University here
  5. A complete list of publications 
  6. A maximum of 5 relevant scientific works that you want included in the assessment  
  7. Researchplan (maximun 3 pages)  

If any of the publications that you want included in the assessment are the result of a joint effort, the extent and the nature of your contribution to each individual work must then be clarified in a co-author statement (find template here)   

Please submit your application no later than 10th April 2019.

Material received after this date will not be taken into consideration.   

Roskilde University wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.