Staff Scientist

La Jolla, California
Salary will be commensurate with experience
Mar 18, 2019
Apr 17, 2019
Field of specialization
Work Function
Laboratory, Research-Applied
Job Type
Full time

Seeking a Staff Scientist (Ph.D. or equivalent) trained in protein biochemistry, biophysics, or chemical biology to experimentally probe the hypothesis that amyloidogenic proteins can co-populate various folds or 3-D structures upon hepatocyte secretion. Established chromatographic and novel fluorescence-based assays will be used to assess the kinetic stability of the disease-related protein, transthyretin. The candidate will perform research using a variety of molecular-biological and biochemistry techniques, including but not limited to gene cloning/mutagenesis, protein expression (E.coli), protein chromatography (FPLC, UPLC, HPLC), gel electrophoresis, and various types of optical spectroscopy (e.g. fluorescence, circular dichroism). Experience in the use of plate reader instrumentation and/or mammalian cell cultures would be considered a strong asset, but extensive training in all relevant techniques will be provided for the right candidate.

This position requires a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, biophysics or biochemistry and 2-4 years of related experience, preferentially in a fast-paced academic or biotech-industry setting. Attention to detail, confidence in handling and analyzing data, good laboratory organization and the ability to collaborate and interact productively with a variety of scientists from different scientific disciplines and at different career levels is expected.