Senior Chemist (R-5782)

River Falls, Wisconsin
Mar 27, 2019
Apr 26, 2019
Field of specialization
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

Job Description:

Supports and contributes as a technical lead for the formulation, development, analytics, and scale up for Winfield United HIF, adjuvant, plant nutrition, seed treatments, and yield enhancement products. This position is to support discovery, product development and market development with special emphasis on the pilot and launch stages of the “By Winfield United Process.” This may include investigating technology development, concept development, and new product development.

Provide leadership and direction for Winfield proprietary brands to ensure quality, meet customer requirements, comply with WinField Solutions and Land O’ Lakes quality standards, and meet EPA and other regulatory requirements. Identify areas of improvement and how any changes might be conducted. Rely on their technical expertise to perform and develop testing protocols to evaluate products and troubleshoot.

Work collaboratively with development, marketing, sourcing, registration and other staff to attract new technology and develop innovative formulations and IP.


35% Winfield United R&D pilot and launch support

This position will be the primary point of contact for the pilot lab and responsibilities associated with the pilot lab. Responsibilities shall include operation budgeting and capital expense budgeting. This position will be responsible for consumables and waste management for the pilot lab. They shall manage formulation of laboratory pilot scale products, quality assurance and transfer/scale-up of formulation technology from lab to formulation facility. Support the manufacturing function by enabling smooth transfer of technology to both internal and external manufacturers. Implement new capabilities and techniques for such new products. Support selection of manufacturing sites for products (US & International) and provide approval of external contract manufacturers by identifying and implementation of manufacturing requirements and processes for product production. Develops strategies for production efficiencies, standards, and product improvements. Supports PNP with 267 million gross sales, adjuvant with 259 million gross sales, seed care with 147 million gross sales, and HIF with 509 million gross sales.

35% Product re/formulation

Serve as a technical lead for formulation process for Winfield HIF, adjuvant, plant nutrition, seed treatments, and yield enhancement products to support discovery, product development, market development, and innovation. Supports and contributes to processes for prioritizing projects, planning efficient workflow, advanced process development, allocating time and resources, coordinating with other relevant staff, summarizing results, supporting information development for marketing and training, and related. Close coordination, collaboration, and frequent communications with all relevant staff from discovery, project manager, Winfield directors, data team, supply, by Winfield team, technical, QA, Agronomy Services, and other relevant staff. Work closely with team members to successfully integrate new products and technology opportunities and move products through the by Winfield United process. A portion of the time shall be allocated for innovative formulation by means of new and established chemistries or combinations thereof potentially generating intellectual property. 

Leverage knowledge of the organization's manufacturing technologies, processes, innovations, issues and initiatives to optimize R&D procedures and techniques. Provide formulation and product quality data and product information to support the by Winfield process

10% Quality assurance and product improvement

Qualify new manufacturing procedures and ingredients for CPP products as they arise. Document and archive product quality SOPs, including product-specific procedures, and in so doing, support the product registration and EH&S functions. Implement and develop new techniques and capabilities as needed for testing quality metrics. Draw on their knowledge of ASTM, AAPFCO, CIPAC, and CPDA-AIC protocols and definitions


10% Technical validation

Work with procurement to identify opportunities for materials validation. Develops and executes protocols to test raw materials or finished product. Work with registration to modify CSFs and SDS. Document work and findings from tests performed. Dissemination of information and reports to groups involved.


5% Lab Safety

This position ensures that all staff members comply with all pilot laboratory rules and regulations, including health and safety policies, to guarantee the highest quality of results. The employee shall establish quality standards, supervises quality control, inspects staff work and adjusts lab policies and procedures as needed when standards are not met. Additionally, they keep up-to-date on new federal, state, industry or employer standards and investigates ways to improve procedures, such as acquiring new equipment.


5% Packaging and materials validation 

Identify & approve appropriate packaging for new products and approve overall changes to packaging & materials. Work with external and internal resources to efficiently qualify packaging and materials.

Job Scope:  Budget, Revenue, Direct Reports, Sales Volume, etc.

•Position is responsible for the management of the pilot lab at River Falls, WI.

•Position is an integral part of the By Winfield United Process serving as the conduit between pilot scale and full scale production

•Position responsible for supporting diverse groups within Winfield Solutions. .

•Maintenance of product performance is crucial to maintaining market share through customer satisfaction and quality.  Implementation of innovation will ensure growth in this business.