Beltsville, MD
$61,218 to $153,510 per year
Mar 29, 2019
Apr 27, 2019
Field of specialization
Health & Safety
Job Type
Full time

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) regulates the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products. Our goal is to reduce the harm from all regulated tobacco products across the entire population, including: reducing the number of people who start to use tobacco products, encouraging more people to stop using these products, and reducing the adverse health impact for those who continue to use these products.  CTP's actions have significant public health and consumer protection impact and are among the most important issues faced by the Agency in its long and distinguished history.  

The Chemist position will have extensive expertise in reviewing product chemistry in marketing applications received by the Center, provides scientific expertise to develop and draft regulations and guidance documents, develops novel research concepts, designs experimental studies investigating the composition of tobacco products and, as appropriate, their emissions, analyzes data obtained from those studies, and drafts and publishes manuscripts based on those studies.  The chemist performs a key role in resolving issues that significantly affect scientific programs.  Communicates scientifically, technical, or complex concepts in writing as well as communicates findings, interpretations, and proposals orally.

Job Responsibilities :  

  • Conduct scientific reviews of biochemical, environmental, toxicological and physiological data for scientific or regulatory issues involving the chemical properties of substances and evaluates the results.
  • Develop and modify analytical methods or research projects to study the composition, molecular structure, chemical properties, and chemical reactions of substances in natural and manmade environments.
  • Assist in writing comprehensive statistical and analytical reports from scientific investigations studies and projects
  • Participate in developing analytical methods and extending their application to other substances, designing new sampling and sample preparation procedures and validation and collaborative studies.