Laboratory Manager/ Instructor

Oberlin, Ohio
Compensation will be commensurate based on qualifications and years of experience.
Apr 19, 2019
May 19, 2019
Field of specialization
General / Technical, Organic
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry invites applications for the position of Instructor and Laboratory Manager. This is a 12-month (0.917 FTE) Administrative and Professional Staff position reporting to the Chair of the department. The incumbent will work full-time August 1 through May 31 and part-time in the summer months, June 1 through July 31.

The incumbent will work as a team member in the introductory curriculum as a laboratory instructor and to provide for the smooth running of the coordinated set of course offerings. We are seeking an individual with the initiative to innovate and continually update the lab program. The incumbent will manage the general chemistry laboratories, and will play a central role in supporting the use of safe chemical practices across all department laboratories. Specific duties are listed below.

Direct the general chemistry laboratory program. Teach sections of the general chemistry laboratory courses (3 lab sessions per week and occasional make-up labs). Hold office hours for general chemistry students. Generate and administer pre-lab worksheets, online quizzes and lab reports for all lab sections of general chemistry. Generate all applicable grading keys. Responsible for the final laboratory grades for all sections of general chemistry. Assign student partnerships and laboratory drawers for all sections of general chemistry. Coordinate and oversee the movement of students between laboratory sections of general chemistry during Add/Drop. Responsible for coordinating and scheduling make-up labs for general chemistry lab sections.

Supervise all teaching assistants for general chemistry; including training and weekly pre-laboratory meetings. Hire graders and teaching assistants for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and other classes as needed. Coordinate assignment of teaching assistants to courses.

Develop and pilot new general chemistry laboratory experiments in consultation with faculty. Revise and generate the general chemistry laboratory manual each semester.

Required Qualifications

Natural-science Bachelor’s degree (chemistry preferred) with teaching/training experience and operating knowledge of scientific instrumentation and chemical safety (prior experience in an industrial or academic laboratory preferred); ability to interact well with a diverse range of individuals, including students, staff, and faculty; initiative to innovate and continually update the lab program.

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