Senior Research Associate

Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887
$52,000+ benefits
Jun 06, 2019
Jul 06, 2019
Field of specialization
Biochemical, Biotechnical
Job Type
Full time

Senior Research Associate-ChemGenes Corp.,a leader in nucleotide chemistry and single-cell-barcoded-beads - to provide comprehensive technical support for projects at the forefront of novel tools and technology development. To support molecular biology, nucleotide chemistry, and high-throughput sequencing to support research in the synthesis of single-cell-barcoded-beads, quality control of the synthesized beads, and performing experiments that include basic molecular biology techniques to sequencing. Preparation of RNA-seq libraries for sequencing in Illumina platforms;Mi-Seq including Hi-seq and Next-seq. Experienced with techniques including but not limited to running agarose gel, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, reverse transcription, quantitative PCR, fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry; maintaining inventories of lab stocks.

Bachelor’s degree required. At least two years of experience in research lab is required. Requires full working knowledge of general laboratory practices and procedures. Must have solid problem-solving skills, excellent organization and teamwork skills, ability to work independently, strong motivation and commitment to doing excellent work.

Undergraduate degree in biology, molecular biology, chemistry or related field is preferred. Basic understanding of the Illumina sequencing technology and familiarity with computational languages such as R and python is highly desirable.