Process R&D Engineer (Separation Group)

Greater Sacramento area, CA
Salary dependent on experience
Jul 31, 2019
Aug 30, 2019
Field of specialization
Engineering, Organic, Pharmaceutical
Job Type
Full time

Job description:
– Development of small molecule chromatographic purifications for production
(Preparative) using Batch and SMB technology (High Pressure
– Improvement of existing technology through better process control.
– Implementation of new technologies for the organic chemistry labs. Survey of
existing technologies.
– Interface with PR&D Organic chemists and Production Process engineers to
support process transfer from the lab to the plant.
– Interface with customer.
– Hands-on job.
– Evaluation of processes and generation of supporting data for customer quotes
– Writing procedure and batch records (quality documents)
– May involve traveling

– BS, MS, or PhD in chemical engineering or organic chemistry with a focus on
separation techniques.
– Strong knowledge of unit operations
– Knowledge of organic chemistry.
– Knowledge of chromatographic processes will be a plus.
– 3-5 years of industrial experience in process R&D will be a plus
– Good communication skills (Oral and written)
– Interdisciplinary skills (Chemistry, Mechanical, Electrical, Quality, Safety,)
– Capable of handling several projects at a time with a lead role
– Curious and creative