Polymer Synthetic Chemist

Westborough, Massachusetts
Up to $124,000 with a great benefit and time off package. 401k match as well!
Aug 15, 2019
Oct 14, 2019
Field of specialization
Organic, Polymers
Work Function
Job Type
Full time

MicroChem Corp has an immediate opening for a highly motivated and creative synthetic polymer chemist to join us in our headquarters in Westborough, MA. This position seeks a chemist who has broad knowledge and experiences in various polymerization methods, monomer synthesis, product development and polymer related product processing, formulations, and familiarity with analytical techniques used in polymer, polymer compounds, additives, materials, and polymer related products.

Essential Job Requirements

•MS or higher in Chemistry or Polymer Science and Engineering a closely-related field; > 5 years industrial experience in an R&D setting

•Strong polymer synthesis background is a must, such as ATRP, anionic, cationic, condensation, free radical polymerization. In-depth knowledge of structure-property relations and materials properties; ability to design materials to desired properties is a must.

•Monomer synthesis experience is strongly preferred.

•In-depth knowledge to develop and synthesize new polymers in the broad fields of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials with various applications towards products for microelectronic coatings.

•In-depth knowledge of conducting and specializing in diverse analytical techniques and instruments in various polymers, additives, adhesives, inks, bulk films.

•Strong awareness of safety of chemicals and reactions, ability to handle materials that are sensitive to air, light, and moisture.

•Highly motivated and self-driven individual with the ability to work independently, and multi-task under aggressive timeline to support team and corporate objectives

Preferred qualification

•Broad experience in polymers such as bulk radical polymerization, controlled ”living” radical polymerizations, surface grafted polymers, copolymer formulations.

•Experience with high glass transition polymers such polyimides, polyamides, and PPO variants is highly desirable.

•Proven ability to follow detailed SOPs and perform analytical techniques such as GC, LC-MS, FTIR, UV-Vis, and NMR

•Broad interests and willingness to take on relatively undefined challenges, excellent problem-solving abilities, creativity and ability to work in cross-functional teams.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Develop new polymers in the broad fields of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials with various applications towards products for high temperature stable microelectronic coatings.

•Maintain excellent laboratory records and write reports and research summaries as required

•Interact closely with business development to develop comprehensive and differentiated products for market.

•Highly active in intellectual property creation