Post-Doctoral Research Positions

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Salary range of $79,725 to $103,647+Vacation, Sick leave, Federal health benefits,Travel,Retirement
Mar 31, 2020
Apr 16, 2020
Job Type
Full time

Center For Computational Toxicology & Exposure (CCTE)

Current CCTE Opportunities

EPA's Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure (CCTE) seeks the next generation of exceptionally qualified scientist with outstanding talent and credentials to fill EPA postdoctoral positions. Postdoctoral researchers participate in CCTE's ongoing state-of-the-science research programs. Because current chemical testing is expensive and time consuming, only a small fraction of chemicals have been evaluated fully for potential human health effects. CCTE is using advances and science and technology to develop methods to change the current approach used to evaluate the safety of chemicals. CCTE research integrates advances in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, exposure science and computer science to identify important biological processes that may be disrupted by chemicals and trace those biological disruptions to a related dose and human exposure. The combined information helps prioritize chemicals based on potential human health risks. CCTE offers postdoctoral positions for scientist with diverse expertise in computational and experimental laboratory research. Postdoctoral students are needed to apply mathematical and computer models, develop new chemical testing technologies (such as design new assays), apply computational chemistry to help predict potential risks and use cellular-molecular biology and systems biology to better evaluate potential health and environmental effects.