Manager, General Chemistry Labs

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Competitive salary with an excellent benefit package
Oct 22, 2020
Nov 21, 2020
Job Type
Full time


  1. Works with faculty and acts as the Manager in the Introductory Chemistry Laboratories
    • Oversees the preparation of the lab syllabus, lab briefing, pre-lab quizzes and lab grading materials
    • Distributes appropriate materials to assigned course Instructors and Teaching Assistants (TA's); posts materials on Coursesite as appropriate
    • Coordinates the schedule of laboratory experiments with course Instructors and TA's
    • Administers course policy for the lab portion of the courses
    • Writes, posts and monitors automatic grading for online pre-lab quizzes on Coursesite
    • Coordinates make-up labs in accordance with individual course policies
    • Helps grade hour exams and the final exam in appropriate courses
  2. Coordinates grading of lab reports and monitors the performance of students and TA's
    • Carries out training of TA's in teaching and grading responsibilities
    • Oversees grading and record keeping for the laboratory component for each course
    • Tallies lab grades and reports them to the Instructor-of-Record
    • Completes performance appraisals for undergraduate student employees and TA's in the lab portion of the courses
    • Addresses student complaints and resolves grading issues in the lab portion of the courses
    • Deals with academic dishonesty issues in the lab portion of the courses
    • Spot checks TA's grading of lab reports to maintain grading standards
  3. Oversees the preparation and distribution of materials and equipment for each experiment
    • Coordinates sharing of equipment among labs and courses
    • Holds weekly TA meetings to distribute and discuss course materials
    • Posts appropriate materials on Coursesite for each course in a timely manner
    • Prepares chemicals as needed and prepares labs for the experiments in terms of both chemicals and equipment
  4. Prepares and maintains inventory
    • Arranges for repair/servicing of laboratory instruments in consultation with the Director of Chemical Instrumentation
    • Deals with chemical waste disposal
    • Orders supplies as needed
    • Prepares and maintains inventory of chemicals, glassware and expendable materials
    • Ensures that necessary instruments are operational for all experiments
    • Ensures that TA's are trained in the operation of these instruments
    • Coordinates with Library and Technology Services for computer updates, network access, and corrective actions as needed
  5. Develops and implements new experiments for the courses assigned
    • Participates in the revision of laboratory experiments and other documents
    • Participates on committees and in writing grants to support the laboratories
    • Researches, develops and implements new experiments for the courses assigned
    • Serves on Department of Chemistry Committees as requested
  6. Assumes responsibility for safety issues in the courses assigned
    • Trains TA's in safety procedures for particular experiments
    • Teaches TA's and students where safety equipment is located in the laboratories
    • Ensures safety rules are being obeyed by students and safety rules are enforced by TA's
    • Aids in injuries; contacts campus police if injuries are serious; completes accident reports

Website:   Special Considerations:

  • Will nearly continuously be required to stand, walk, use hands to finger, handle or feel, reach with hands and arms, talk or hear
  • Will often be required to lift up to 25 pounds, work in areas with fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals
  • Will occasionally be required to sit, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, lift up to 50 pounds, work with explosives, in areas with risk of radiation or vibration
  • Will work a variable shift based on courses assigned


  1. Master's Degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  2. One to three years related work experience
  3. Work in any chemistry-related academic laboratory is preferred
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Excellent writing ability, organizational skills and attention to detail
  6. Solid analytical, decision making and problem solving skills
  7. Solid computer skills with experience using word processing and spreadsheet software
  8. Successful completion of standard background checks including but not limited to: social security verification, education verification, county and national criminal background checks, PATCH, FBI fingerprinting, Child Abuse Clearance.  Based upon the requirements of the position Lehigh may also request credit history reports, motor vehicle checks and professional license/certification verification