Principal Scientist, Ingredient and Flavor Analytical

Atlanta, Georgia
competitive industry normal salary and benefits
Jan 22, 2021
Mar 23, 2021
Field of specialization
Analytical, Food
Work Function
Laboratory, Manufacturing
Job Type
Full time

Candidates of interest should have a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry (preferred Analytical Chemistry). Qualified candidates are expected to have knowledge and industry experiences (Ph.D. 10 plus years) in preparative chromatography and separation sciences.

Candidates with extensive hands-on experience using various modes of analytical and large-scale preparative chromatographic and detection technologies (HPLC, GC, SFC, UV, CAD, ELSD, and MS) for purification, characterization and isolation of main components and trace impurities (small molecules) in novel food ingredients, synthetic intermediates and final compounds, natural products, and flavor molecules are preferred.

Abilities in using LC/MS and other HPLC detectors for characterizations of unknowns and problem solving/diagnostic, as well as skills in MS-directed isolation and purification small molecules of complex natural and synthetic mixtures are strongly preferred.

Abilities in establishing analytical and preparative GC and SFC for characterizations and isolations of volatile and flavor molecules to support flavor creation and problem solving/diagnostic are strongly preferred.  Knowledge and experiences in flavor chemistry and flavor profiling and analysis using analytical equipment are strongly preferred. 

Experiences in methods development, validation, and applications; skills in sample preparations, separation, characterizations, and quantitation of small molecules in various levels and matrices; and experiences in qualitative and quantitative analyses of natural and artificial sweeteners, vitamins, nutrients, natural products, flavors, and trace components are strongly desirable. Knowledge in advanced organic chemistry, organic synthesis, and flavor chemistry is a plus.  Ability in acquiring new knowledge and skills and building capabilities in other areas of analytical chemistry are also a plus.