Postdoctoral Researcher for KU Ctr for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

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Lawrence, Kansas
up to $55,000 annually
May 24, 2021
Jun 23, 2021
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Full time

Applications for postdoctoral researchers will be reviewed by individual CEBC faculty mentors and placed in a pool for consideration for a one to two year research position. The research projects may involve one or more of the following topical areas:

  1. Reaction engineering, including detailed modeling and experimental characterization of novel reactor designs, multi-phase catalytic systems, electrocatalytic systems, and complex reaction kinetics;
  2. Design, synthesis, and characterization of homogeneous and/or heterogeneous catalysts for a wide variety of chemistries;
  3. Engineering tunable solvents (e.g., supercritical fluids, gas-expanded liquids, and ionic liquids) as reaction media or for energy-efficient separations;
  4. Molecular modeling of reaction mechanisms, condensed phases, or novel porous materials;
  5. Design and evaluation of chemical processes, including plant-scale simulations (Aspen/HYSYS), and environmental sustainability assessments (LCA);
  6. Advanced operando spectroscopic measurements and surface science;
  7. Analytical chemistry, especially as it relates to biomass-derived feedstocks and recycled polymers.

Position Description:

70% - Conduct research spanning from initial proof-of-concept through the optimized bench scale catalytic process, adequate for performing detailed environmental impact and economic evaluations.

20% - Actively engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, communicating frequently with research groups and researchers in private industry. Provide mentoring for graduate and undergraduate students, and other postdoctoral researchers as needed. 

5% -  Publish and report the results of CEBC research at professional meetings and assist CEBC and KU in securing intellectual property rights on inventions.

5% -  Participate in professional development and educational outreach programs of CEBC; e.g., safety recruiting, procurement, diversity, and service activities, seminars, committees, etc.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or closely related discipline;
  2. Strong research history in a field or fields related to aforementioned research areas; Demonstrated effective written communication skills as evidenced through application materials; Demonstrated work history as a member of a research team as evidenced through application materials.

    NOTE: To be appointed at the Postdoctoral Researcher title, it is necessary to have the PhD conferred at the time of hire.  Appointments made without a diploma or certified transcript indicating an earned doctorate are conditional hires and are appointed on an interim basis not to exceed 6-months. Upon verification of degree the appointment will be extended to its full duration.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Substantial experience working as a member of a research team, particularly in projects related to biomass conversions (chemo-catalytic), catalytic oxidations, hydroformylation, hydrogenolysis, ozonolysis, electrocatalytic reduction, and solid acid catalysis.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application consists of the online application, cover letter, resume, & 3 professional references. Only complete applications will be considered.

Candidates will be evaluated on (i) the candidate’s research experience, as evidenced by a resume and cover letter, (ii) prior research publications and/or patent applications, (iii) references.

Application Review will begin on 06/15/2021 and will be ongoing until a pool of qualified applicants have been identified.