Chemist, GS-1320-15

Germantown, Maryland
Jun 10, 2021
Jul 10, 2021
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Full time

Chemist GS-1320-15 position to serve as a program manager for the Physical Biosciences program in the Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, Photochemistry and Biochemistry Team of the Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences Division located in Germantown, MD. The recruitment will use direct hire announcement TN-21-SC-00636-DH, which is posted on USAJOBS:

This announcement will be used to collect applications from both internal and external candidates for this permanent position. You must submit your application, including a resume, a complete list of your peer-reviewed publications, and any other required documents identified in the announcement, through USAJOBS to be considered for this position. Your application should describe how your experience demonstrates that you meet the requirements for a GS-15 position and should show that you possess the knowledge and abilities in physical biosciences and biochemistry required to successfully perform the duties of this position. Direct hire announcement TN-21-SC-00636-DH closes on June 21, 2021.

Anyone applying to this position needs to be aware that, if selected, you will be placed on a new permanent appointment in the Civil Service. A DOE career status employee selected for this position may be required to serve a new one (1) year probationary period, pursuant to 5 CFR 315.802. For more information, please contact Bruce Garrett who can be reached at

The Chemist will serve as a program manager for the Physical Biosciences program and will determine scientific focus and direction of the research program, prepare calls for proposals, organize independent peer reviews, recommend funding allocations, organize Principal Investigator meetings, serve as a liaison on committees, and assess scientific progress of the programs. The program manager conceives, justifies, plans, initiates, manages, and coordinates all aspects of the program that includes a diverse range of experimental and theoretical research in biochemical, biological, and biophysical sciences relevant to energy conversion and storage in plants and microbes.

Research areas covered by the program include, but are not limited to: structure/function, mechanistic, and electrochemical properties of enzymes that catalyze complex multielectron redox reactions; synthesis and function of complex metallocofactors at enzyme active sites; electron bifurcation; catalytic bias; biosynthesis and structure of important electron stores in biological systems; assembly and maintenance of biological energy transduction systems; and factors that direct and regulate the flow of electrons on larger spatial and temporal scales through energy‐relevant metabolic pathways.

In addition to having recognized expertise in physical biosciences, biochemistry, and/or biophysics, the applicant should have served as a major contributor or a Principal Investigator on original scientific research project(s) that resulted in peer-reviewed, archival journal articles and invited presentations at national and/or international meetings. The applicant should also have experience in supervising original scientific research efforts of doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and/or junior staff and in evaluating research including proposals and research publications. Additional areas of experience may include: determining the scientific focus and direction of a scientific research program, for instance, preparation of calls for proposals, organization of independent peer reviews, recommendations for funding allocations, monitoring and assessment of scientific program progress, and the review and recommendation of funding decisions for research proposals; managing scientific research including the
development of requests for funding within an organization and the management of budgets and
staffing for research project(s); and communicating information effectively both orally and in writing
such as presentation of strategies, advisory opinions and recommendations to managers, supervisors,
and to varied audiences in formal and informal settings.